Google Search

I’ve noticed that there’s quite a big misconception when it comes to Google search results and website ratings.

As you can imagine, there must be thousands of websites on a specific topic in South Africa alone, and I’m sure most of the website owners want their website to show on the first page on Google search with specific keywords.

A lot of people are still under the impression that keywords still play a major factor, but because of the fact that people has bombarded their websites with keywords, it isn’t a priority with search engines anymore.

ExplosiveWeb does however do basic search engine optimization when developing websites for clients, but there’s other important factors that’s not really up to your website designer.

Your website URL (the, will also be submitted on the Google Search Console, but on that page it explain that Google¬†can’t make predictions or guarantees about when or if submitted URLs will appear in their index.

One thing that is most certainly one of the most important factors, are the content and information on your website. The more relative information you have on your website about your product or service, the better.
Also important is how long people stay on your website, including clicking through to different pages on your site etc.

A good place to start with a new website, is to make use of Google Adwords.

ExplosiveWeb offer the service of managing your Adwords campaigns, and the great thing is that you can decide what your budget will be.